Your first visit will last approximately one hour, depending on the complexity of your particular problem. During the visit, a detailed history and examination will be performed. The examination will include neurologic and orthopedic testing. Specialized functional examinations such as gait analysis, postural assessment, muscle strength testing and functional biomechanics will also be performed. Depending on the presentation and findings of the examination, acquiring radiologic studies may be necessary to rule out other pathologies.

After all the history, examination, and testing has been performed, each patient will have a thorough explanation of their particular problem and a decision will be made if I will be able to help you with your problem or if it would be better managed elsewhere. If it is determined that I can help you, a treatment protocol will be made after interpreting the findings. The treatment may consist of but is not limited to the use of spinal manipulation, myofascial release techniques, functional rehabilitation, and self-treatment techniques.

Your participation is imperative in the treatment process. I often tell my patients “I’m not getting you better, YOU are getting you better; after all, you took the first step by finding me”. The doctor is a teacher and guide but continued and lasting health is ultimately in the patients hands.

It is also important to note that injury and dysfunction are often the result of years of dysfunction and damage and it is unrealistic to think that these problems will resolve overnight. It often takes a long time to return to optimum health. At Pro-Motion, I am committed to helping you reach your treatment goals safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Here are some forms that you can download, print, complete and bring with you which will expedite your first visit at Pro-Motion Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

New Patient Intake

Visual Analogue Scale

Oswestry Low Back Pain Index

Neck Disability Index

Functional Rating Index