Pro-Motion offers comprehensive, evidence based chiropractic care, and spinal and sport rehabilitation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We identify the cause of pain and dysfunction and use hands on manual medicine, principles of postural awareness, movement pattern correction, rehabilitation, muscle chain coordination, joint function and balance training to restore the body to its optimal function, allowing patients to meet their goals.


Our hands on manual therapies, provided by Pro-Motion Chiropractic & Rehabilitation work fast and effectively to alleviate your pain and dysfunction instead of providing a “band-aid” for your pain, so you can continue doing the activites you love.


Having experienced the effectiveness of chiropractic and seeing his family benefit from chiropractic care, Dr. Jeremiah Handschin decided to become a Chiropractor in Jackson Hole WY and dedicate his life to helping others with physical medicine.


We offer chiropractic and rehabilitation services including functional rehabilitation, chiropractic manipulative therapy, foot orthotic therapy, mckenzie therapy, myofascial release, guasha, and more beneficial services to alleviate pain.