“Over the last four years I have been seeing Jeremiah for all my chiropractic needs. Jeremiah always takes the time to listen, and then address my exact concerns. Not only do I receive intent-full, and precise treatments from Jeremiah, but then he gives me exercises and things to work on in hopes to solve the problem that caused my pain. Anyone who gets out of alignment and needs a good chiropractor should look no further. I'm extremely picky with my medical providers, and if you are too, then look no further. I guarantee, after your first visit you will put his contact info into your phone.”

- Andrew L. / Student, Kayaking and Snowboarding Instructor

"After college I started sitting at a desk for 15 hours a day and stopped moving. I got chronic back pain and was unable to do the things I loved like snowboard and run. After moving to Jackson WY and working with Jeremiah at ProMotion for the last few years I have rid my body of most pain and am able to live an incredibly active lifestyle, which without the help of Jeremiah's focused rehab program I never would have been able to do."

Keith McCathren / Outdoor Adventurer & Video Editor

Dr. Jeremiah Handschin is an outstanding chiropractor. For two months, I saw him on a weekly basis for care relating to a running injury. From the questions that he asked to the care that he provided, Jeremiah took the time to truly understand my injury, effectively treat it, and provide guidance and education to help prevent it in the future. It quickly became evident that he was invested in my recovery and long-term health. His holistic approach was always tailored to my needs. Jeremiah's care was also evidence-based and informed by best practices--he clearly stays on top of his game. Perhaps most importantly, his positive energy and support are incredibly affirming--and greatly appreciated in the midst of an ongoing injury. Because of Jeremiah, I was able to recover fully from my injury in time for the marathon for which I was training. There's no way I would have been able to do this without Jeremiah's support and care. I can't recommend him enough.

- Mike S. / Freelance writer & Marathoner