“He has great energy and motivates me to do better and succeed.  Working with him has given me the confidence and the strength to perform my best and reach my goals. Being a competitive athlete I push myself physically every day.  Personally, I have experienced many different types of rehabilitation and training and after having worked with Jeremiah at Pro-Motion Chiropractic and Rehabilitation I know what customized care and training really is.  Before I started with Jeremiah I was constantly dealing with injuries and pain but after focused and well directed care I am able to do everything I want without being debilitated afterwards.”

- Meredith J. Edwards / USSMA Team / Endurance Athlete

"After college I started sitting at a desk for 15 hours a day and stopped moving. I got chronic back pain and was unable to do the things I loved like snowboard and run. After moving to Jackson WY and working with Jeremiah at ProMotion for the last few years I have rid my body of most pain and am able to live an incredibly active lifestyle, which without the help of Jeremiah's focused rehab program I never would have been able to do."

Keith McCathren / Outdoor Adventurer & Video Editor